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Sandwiches on a Brioche Bun, Croissant, Grain Bread or Wrap served with Carolina Kettle Chips, Big Cookie, Mayo, Mustard, Mint and a Bottled Water presented in a nice craft bag with a Handi-Wipe & Deli paper (to set your lunch on)

Your choice of:

Fresh Roasted Turkey and Cheddar,

Virginia Crisp – Ham, Swiss, Green Apple,

Italian - Ham, Salami, Pepperoni with Provolone,

Poppy Seed Egg Salad,

Lumberjack Roast Beef, Ham, Provolone,

Greek Veg – Cucumber, Feta, Tomato, Red Onion,

Signature Chicken Salad,

Pimento Cheese with a kick,

Vegetarian – Spinach Croissant with Fresh Roasted Vegetables


Gourmet Box Lunch Selection

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